PETG Filament Product Review

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Hey, today i just tested the amazing PETG from Suntop Filaments.
Diameter is 1.75 +-0,1 à nice flowrate at 1,05 .
PETG needs just a little bit more flow!
I print the filament with a Heat bed at 60 degrees and 230 at the nozzle.
I really like PETG, it is stronger than Pla, but not as good as ABS.
But you can print it without having trouble with warping and some other problems that causes ABS while printing.
I planed to make a new printer. The Hypercube, therefore I just need some material that can be used in a housing. And this is why I test the PETG.
My first test print was the same setting as for PLA, I only just need to change the temperature to 230 degrees. All other setting are the same. Speed at 80 mm/s, retraction at the same speed.
The one and only thing I really have to change is the first Layer setting.
PETG need more time to stuck at the bed, then it is one time on the bed, its working brilliant.
Therefore I change the first layer speed to a lower value of 25% of normal speed, that’s the way PETG will work great!
After I print all parts for my new printer, I just had a idea for my girlfriend.
Just 2 days later, I was finish with my DIY ,,Picturewall’’ and the transparent PETG gives a great look to them!!
Robin Feige, Mar.22, 2018


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