About Us

About Us

Professional Manufacturer of 3D Printer Filament

"I must say that the filament is absolutely brilliant and far better than the other ones I have." Jonas

Sun Top's business begins with customer and ends with the customer's satisfaction, the reason our business exists is to retain satisfied customers. We have been devoting ourselves to developing and manufacturing advanced and refined 3d printing filaments that improve most of printing problems users may encounter.

We never stop growing, we keep ourselves abreast of 3D printing industry, and bring cutting-edge products to our clients.

We have more than 10 years plastic materials extruding , this helps us provide custom services to our distributor clients and end customers. 

Competitive Price

Sun Top's prices are kept low because we are manufacturer, so the savings are alwasy passed on to the customer.

Products In Stock

We put stock of 3d printing filaments in different warehouses, so we are able to deliver products to our clients at the shortest time possible. 

Low Shipping Rates

We choose the cheapest shipping cost but the safest shipping way to deliver 3d printing filament to our clients. 

Customer Service

Customer service is our priority, we do our best to protect your rights and make sure your transaction exceeds your expectations. If you have any issues with our products or service, please contact us directly through sales@3d-filament.com.tw to voice your concern.


Production & Quality Control

Strict quality controls at necessary working stand, IQC, IPQC, FQC and OQC.

Strictly monitored production ensures Sun Top’s 3D printer filaments having consistent diameter and tolerance.

ROHS Compliance Certificate


Our leverage years experience ensure us to assist our cusotmer's any questions or issues regarding 3D filament or 3D printing. Ongoing training of our skilled workforce also make sure we always provide customers with the best solutions in shortest time.


Become a partner of Sun Top's 3D Printer Filament

We are always on the lookout for new distributors worldwide. If you are interested in our products and you believe we could be the right partner for your business, please contact us via sales@3d-filament.com.tw or sales@suntopx.com

Please mention your current rolebusiness name, a brief description of the successful experience you have in selling similar products into your local market, and your contact details.

For any questions, please contact us via sales@suntopx.com