Say No To Stringing / Oozing

Posted by admin 07/11/2017 0 Comment(s) 3D Filament Troubleshooting,
PLA filament is the most common 3d printing filament due to its ease of printing and environmental friendly. Therefore, most end users choose it over ABS filament, but PLA filament has a disadvantage that ABS filament hasn't - Stringing or Oozing. 
To prevent stringing or oozing, most troubleshooting guides suggest retraction or temperature setting. However, retraction setting is not easy for new users and it may not always improves the stringing problems after time spent. 
In the light of this, we have spent a long time to develop PLA filament that has less stringing in different types of 3d printers. 


No stringing between gaps. 
Material Used: 1.75mm PLA filament Pink







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