What is ABS Filament

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ABS, short for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene, is a common thermoplastic used in 3D printing and for injection molding. ABS is also the same plastic used in LEGO bricks. Printing difficulty of PLA filament is easy, then printing difficulty of ABS filament is moderate.
First, ABS 3D printer filament requires a higher temperature, 220 to 240 degree, to reach melting point. Furthermore, a heated bed is necessary to prevent the first layers of the print from cooling too quickly, so the ABS plastic doesn’t warp and contract before the printing is done. Another consideration is that this 3D printer filament emits fumes during printing, so it is better to place the 3D printer in well-ventilated area and not to breathe in the fumes while printing.
In spite of above issues, ABS’s strong and heat resistant features still make it an alternative choice beside PLA filament.
Printing difficulty of ABS 3D printer filament is moderate, fine-tuning of bed and nozzle temperature are required.
ABS 3D Printer Filament Features:
Good strength and impact resistance.
Ideal for functional and mechanical parts such as automotive parts.
High durability
More flexible than PLA filament, with minor bending before snapping
Soluble in Acetone
Easy to process after printing, but curling and warping are typical issues for ABS. However, SunTop ABS filament is an improved formuation that reduces the problems.
Shrinkage during cooling, enclosed chamber recommended to control cooling speed

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