What is PETG Filament

Posted by admin 30/09/2017 0 Comment(s) Knowledge Base,
PETG is a modified version of PET, made from blend of PET and Glycerol. The added glycol ensure the material doesn’t get crystallized and break like PET. PETG is one of the famous 3D printer filaments beside PLA and ABS filaments.

PETG filament combines the benefits of ABS, stronger, temperature resistant and more durable, and PLA, easy to print. PETG filament doesn’t cause much trouble with warping or shrinking during 3D printer, which make it suitable for beginners. Moreover, PETG 3D printer objects are recyclable.
We recommend temperature range 230 to 250 degree for printing PETG filament. Also, a heated bed 80 to 120 degree is recommended to improve printing quality.
Same as ABS and PLA 3D printer filament, PETG 3D printer filament should be stored in a dry place too. Humidity may alter its properties and impact 3D printing quality.


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