ABS Filament Review

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I want to review the ABS filament from Suntop Filaments.
At first i really like the deep blue colour of the role.
But futhermore i want to know ist the colour after printing the Same as before?
Yes it is the Same colour, No differents after printing.
I really often had the problem with other ABS Filaments that looks after the print different in colour.
My settings i use: Bed 100°C , Nozzle 255°C.
I still use no fan at all time.
My test objects came out nearly perfectly!
Maybe small settings i need to change.
The diameter of the abs Filament is 1,74-1,76. But ist still have no Problems with bloobs or something else.
For this price it is a nice ABS Filament.
Feb.9,2018  Robin Feige
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