ABS Filament Review

Posted by admin 15/05/2018 0 Comment(s) Product Review,
I actually have used your filament to print today, instead of 240c I ran it at 210c and instead of bed temp at 100c I ran at 85. I also slowed down my print speed by 50% (15mms) and have no issues. Prints just like the filament provided by the maker of the printer. So, XYZ Davinci works perfectly with your filament now. Will do more prints tomorrow and hopefully I can send you a picture of both XYZ filament and your filament printing at exact same settings. So far no difference that I see.
Here is a picture of the emblem I made with your filament. I printed at 200c at the nozzle, and a bed temp of 85c. The other one attached is painted and clear coated and ready for installation on my friends vehicle.
---Alec Jones

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