ABS Filament Review-USB Stick

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Printer : Raise 3D N2+. (build size 300x300x600. X,Y,Z)
Build plates : BuildTak, LokBuild and ordinary hardened glass, all with just some ordinary office glue stick on the bed.
For PLA I always use heated bed (around 55-60 °C) and for ABS I close the printer and use bed temperature of 110 C.
Here it is a bit different from the PLA and you’ll have to be in the higher range to get a really good print (265 °C or higher).
True in colour throughout the full spool and no friction issues for the ABS. with a 0.2 mm nozzle the prints looks like they were casted and not printed, you’ll not able to see the Z-layer with a setting of 0.10 mm or below. Same issues with raft together with a 0.2 mm nozzle though but have not “fibbled” around with settings here either.
Have had no issuer with shrinkage and this is a great + for this filament.
(I have a Mustang and I have designed some USB sticks that I am about to print any day now…I’ll send you a couple of pictures once printed. (they will be in 2 colours as well, yellow and black)
Conclusion :
Probably one of the best ABS on the market for time being but demands you’ll have a printer that is fully enclosed and able to get up to 270 °C+ for the nozzle and a heat bed that goes up to 110 °C.
If you meet the specification on the printer this is the best ABS you can get.
attached an ABS print (your ABS = black and white) of my USB stick. (printed with 0,2mm nozzle and 0,05 Z steps)
Mar.3, 2018   Jonas Mossberg

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