PLA Filament Review-PLA Filament Dark Grey-Drone

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Hello @ll,
i want to give a quick Feedback about SunTop Filaments ( ).
I tested the grey Filament with 1,75 diameter the last days.
The diameter is very  well 1,75 +-0,01 mm .
I print the Filament at 200 Degrees on the nozzle and 40 Degrees on the bed.
I really don’t know what I can say negative about the Filament.
It is a very Filament with a good Quality for a cheep price!!!
The role is very clean , no nodes or something else.
For the price from 13,5€ per role of Pla I never had some better in my hand.
I heared that in the future come more materials then Pla,Abs, PTEG, Wood and Carbon.
Here are some Pictures and a short Timelaps.
Robin Feige

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