PLA Glow in the Dark Filament Review

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Attached some printouts on your filament and my own designs.
0,4 mm nozzle and 0,15 Z steps.
It’s a small ghost printed to my grand-daughter, one of each colour…
Same order in bright as in dark so you can compare….
Order is :
Yellow, blue, green, silver and clear… (silver looks really nice !)
Printer : Raise 3D N2+. (build size 300x300x600. X,Y,Z)
Build plates : BuildTak, LokBuild and ordinary hardened glass, all with just some ordinary office glue stick on the bed.
Absolutely brilliant, probably the best glow in the dark I ever used. Really fluorescent yellow prints and during night-time you can almost use the print as a lamp…
Only printed this filament with 0.4 mm nozzle and had no issues what so ever, just print with around 190 °C and bed around 55-60 °C.
Mar.3, 2018   Jonas Mossberg

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